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Who We Are

We can help you create websites, develop business strategies and expand to local markets.
We are the most energy, time, and cost-efficient way to promote your company to the business world.
We are looking forward to sharing a friendly, cooperative and rewarding relationship with you.
Innovation starts with us.
Inspired web solutions.The goal isn’t to build a website.
The goal is to build your business.

Our experience

Application Development - 15 years
Web Development - 12 years
Graphic Design - 10 years
SEO - 3 years

Core goals

Creating online environments.
Creating websites that engage users.
Creative, flexible and affordable website design.
Custom websites at affordable prices.
Delivering success with every solution.
Delivering success with every solution.
Getting your message to the world.

We can help to build a website, which will reflect the best impression of your brand and your company. customers to get to know your products, services and your company quickly and conveniently, to let them build confidence in your ability. Customers who, in other way, will promote your company and help attract more customers.

We can help you to build your website, and create your e-commerce  , and to preserve a chance for you to perform in a way that saves time and money.

We are a professional website development company: Our professionals team are excellent with planning, design, and creating websites.

we can customize your website according to your business and modify and upgrade your existing website to meet your requirements.

Our Services

We are absolutely passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experience and designs that we, and our clients, are very proud of.

Web Development

As a group of professional web designers and developers, we are dedicated to creating powerful, effective and engaging websites. We will work with companies or individuals to determine their needs, and to create an effective website for their business. We develop fully functional web applications, By mixing technology stacks effectively,we develop solutions that streamline your business operations and deliver value to your customers.You can customize the web pages for your company or just order general pages with products, product category, product size publishing system and statistical system.

Mobile Development

Mobile technology has changed the way every business once worked.Either you need iOS or Android, Dimension Tech has professional mobile website development team with skilled and experienced mobile website developers efficient and custom built to meet all client specifications.

Training Center

Training Center is the portal to information about our technical training classes along with online resources including videos and tutorials. Our classes has E-COMMERCE training course, CONTENT MANAGEMENT training course, SEO training course and DATA ANALYTICS training course.

Web Services

Google Maps Business View can help potential customers peruse stores and find the perfect restaurant or store by offering a high-quality inside look before they visit, and having an in-store view will increase click-through rates from Google searches by up to 50% and increase foot traffic by 20%.

Graphic Design

A logo is the most important part of the branding strategy of an enterprise,We have created logos that have helped businesses and individuals located in all corners of the globe in establishing the identity of their brand among the target audience.our design process is quick and easy,in just few days or less you’ll be shown some logo design concepts to choose from.

SEO Program

The quest for search engine dominance never stops,Because the competition for top search result rankings is always threatened by competitors’ SEO programs and the new content they publish every day. Dimension Tech’s experts have worked for clients throughout Canada and America, we will thoroughly check your website and make sure it is properly optimized and meets website standards.


  • They have a very wide selection of courses. I was able to find quite a few that were relevant to my needs and were able to help me in my career (E-commerce & SEO). Every instructor that I dealt with was clearly qualified to teach the subject. It is quite easy to learn the course material and apply them to my own work tasks.

    Bruce Yang,

  • Thank you very much for letting me know how to do SEO, Our ranking on Google has been improved a lot.

    Harry zhang,

  • Your website is very good. The service is also very good. I can get a satisfactory answer when I have any questions.

    Frank Scot,

  • I have taken E-commerce courses. and have realized the instructor to be professional and knowledgeable. The content has been engaging and cause reflection and opportunities to practice, so i can build my business from scratch. I would definitely recommend the E-commerce course that I have enrolled with.

    Loung John,

  • The content of your website is very rich. The setting of the course is also very reasonable. The teachers who teach are also very professional and dedicated. We got a lot of help.

    Chris Milano,


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