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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new mode of using computing resources. The location of computing resources, which usually are one or more data centers, is called the cloud. The input/output devices that people use, such as PC, mobile phone, PAD, etc., are called cloud terminals, and the two are connected together through the network.

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Part one: Foundation of Cloud computing

Chapter one: Fundamentals of Computer Hardware

·Introduction to consumer-grade Hardware

·How do I install and remove consumer-grade hardware

·Describes the command prompt

Chapter two: Configure Proprietary Graphic Servers

·Introduction to operating program

·maintain proprietary graphic setups

·Introduction to graphic server resources

Chapter three: Introduction to open-source services and hardware

·Open-source resource configuration

·Work with hardware reprogramming process

Chapter four: What is the external network and provider network?

·What are networks and network devices

·Network model

·IP address


Part two: Introduction to Cloud computing

Chapter one: What is cloud computing? What are the forms?

·Definition of Cloud Computing

·IaaS service

·PaaS service

·SaaS service

Chapter two: Cloud computing deployment model

·Private clouds, community clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds: Four deployment models for cloud computing

·Cloud computing architecture reference model

·Analysis of cloud computing

Chapter three: Cloud Service Provider

·What does a CSP need to do?

·How do users use cloud service offerings?

·Cloud service auditors, cloud service agents, and cloud service carriers

Chapter four: Open-source operating servos and databases

·Common open-source operating servos

·Common databases (with database rankings)

Part three: Advance of Cloud computing

Chapter one: Introduction to cloud computing management features

·Cloud computing infrastructure service components


·Cloud Stack (CloudPlatform)


·Oracle VM Manager

Chapter two: Open-source applications and components related to cloud computing

·Open-source applications related to cloud computing

·Commercial cloud computing components

Chapter three: Cloud Computing technologies

·Site selection

·Data storage

·Cloud computing virtualization technology and container technology


·Introduction to Load Balance

·Introduction to Cluster

·Fault-tolerant computing

·Brief introduction of home directory roaming technology

·Cloud tenant isolation





Part four: Use of Cloud computing

Chapter one: Cloud computing terminal technology

·Cloud computing terminal technology details

·Cloud computing communication protocols

·Cloud computing security

·Reliability of cloud computing

·Interoperability and portability of Cloud computing

·Cloud computing encryption and key management

Chapter two: Mainstream Cloud Service Providers connectivity protocols

·What makes the major cloud service providers popular?

·AWS adoption rules

·Microsoft Azure connectivity principles

·Google Cloud primary components

·Alibaba Cloud storage

·Huawei Cloud innovative development