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Ecommerce Training Course


E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce. refers to the sales of physical products online, but it can also describe any kinds of commercial transactions that are facilitated through the internet. The course covers the fundamental concept of e-commerce application for different business models.  The trainees are supposed to understand the latest e-commerce application design pattern and how to use the pattern to build out their own application based on their business model.

Price: $7850.00

  1. Introduction to E-Commerce business – 5% 20 hours

what is E-Commerce

The significance and roles of e-commerce 

The main challenge of e-commerce : 

  1. Online Identity Verification

2.Customer Loyalty 

3.Product Return and Refund Policies

E-commerce case example


  1. classic E-commerce mode – 5% 20 hours

What is B2B module and mechanism 

What is B2C module and mechanism 

What is C2C module and mechanism 

And other: B2A, C2A, O2O module 


  1. Start up a E-Commerce Idea – 5% 20 hours

Choose and modify a reasonable module to fit your business

Choose a general network structure and protocol standards


  1. Introduction to E-commerce website 10% 40 hours

Why a website/application is necessary 

The definition of E-commerce based website/application

Commonly used E-Commerce website types

Overview of General functional components in E-commerce website:

  1. Clear Design & Intuitive Navigation

2.Detailed Product Descriptions

3.Easy Checkout Process

  1. a well design information management system

Commonly used Server/host environment standard


  1. E-commerce website Architecture Design- 10% 40 hours

The main workflow and design process of website development

Determining an overall structure via structure chart(SC)

General instruction for configuring a host server (step by step)

Advanced architecture design strategy


  1. Introduction to E-commerce website Implementation – 10% 40 hours

General implementation pattern for E-Commerce websites (Platform based, Platform partial based and independent website)

How to design the Information management system and database structure  that fit your business module

How to ensure data is changed synchronically inside content management system


  1. E-commerce website interface design – 10% 40 hours

Website page design principles

Website layout design

Website page color, text and image design

Web design language introduction: CSS, HTML, JQ, etc.

8.Advanced detail for  Products management section in Information management system 5% 20hours

How to convert product information and status in real life into numerical value

How to classify products with category efficiently

How to use products management system to optimize the real world inventory process


9 .Advanced detail for orders management section in Information management system   5% 20hours

General online order request cycle

How to handle an online order request in normal and special cases

How to synchronized progress between real word and management system

standard procedure example


  1. Online payment – 5% 20 hours

Introduction to commonly used Online payment solution

General configuration for mainstream online payment method and example 

(how to implement and set an online payment method for your website)


  1. Shipping and logistics management – 5% 20hours

Introduction to shipping and supply chain

General configuration for mainstream Shipping method and example 

(how to implement and set a shipping method and tracking function for your website)


  1. E-commerce website user management system – 10% 20 hours

Customer life cycle

How to implement a customer registration and login system

General procedure of customer management

Verification via the phone number 

Verification via Mail

Introduction to admin user system

admin user roles and permission levels


  1. The IP address and domain name – 5% 20 hours

fundamental concept of local area network, Internet and VPN

How to manage and protect your domain name for your E-commerce


  1. Information security- 5% 20 hours

The basic concepts of information security

Why need SSL system in the  E-commerce website 


  1. E-commerce website project practice and testing – 5% 20 hours

 Coding for your website

Testing for your website